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2016 NAIFA-ND State Convention
April 27-29, 2016

Astoria Hotel, Dickinson



Bill Whitley

Steve Kloyda


Rich Wardner






Bill Whitley

  Bill Whitley is a nationally recognized speaker, author and researcher who specializes in helping insurance professionals attract more clients, close more sales and deepen client relationships. Many of his unique sales and customer loyalty concepts are derived from Bill's p3ersonal experience as a top-echelon sales executive who achieved and maintained an 8% presentation-to-close ratio.

In 1989, Bill leveraged his dramatic sales success by forming the Whitley Group, a multi-media sales presentation design and production company whose focus was creating sales improvement programs for clients such as IBM, Apple Computer, EDS, and AT&T.

Today, with Bill's research based approach, he reveals the sales messages the top producers use to: Attract more clients - Communicate the essence of the value - and create lifelong relationships.

In addition to his work as a sales messaging consultant and keynote speaker, Bill is the author of two books that capsulize and reinforce the unique sales training principles he presents in his seminars, workshops and webinars: "Eight Secrets of the Top-Performing Agents" and "Art of the Rainmaker".

Steve Kloyda

Founder of The Prospecting Expert, Steve Kloyda has been creating and refining unique sales prospecting and selling experiences for more than 30 years.

Steve began his sales career as a stockbroker in 1980 with no prior sales or business experience.  With his distinct advantage of a Fine Arts background prior to becoming a stockbroker, he blended his right-brained creative problem solving and left-brained strategic approach to getting in the door and closing sales with phenomenal success, setting company records in as little as 8 months.

Steve realized that other salespeople could benefit from the proven success of his unique sales and prospecting approach, leading him to combine his love of sales and his innate creative talents, founding Telemasters, Inc. in 1990.

He developed a weekly coaching program working one-on-one with salespeople, utilizing a hands-on approach to prospecting, sales call refinement, communication and feedback – developing salespeople who consistently delivered superior results.

(Steve utilizes his love of art by drawing his own illustrations to go with each weekly podcast or blog post).

At Telemasters, Steve developed a unique process for transforming the outcome of every sales call, based on attention to superior customer experience, effective communication and building prospect and customer trust, generating consistently more sales.

After twenty successful years of teaching and coaching salespeople in a variety of industries under the Telemasters brand, Steve recognized that the tools for sales and prospecting had evolved and renamed his company as The Prospecting Expert in 2010.

Today, Steve Kloyda’s comprehensive and ever-evolving prospecting strategies are presented to thousands of sales professionals annually.  His fresh approach provides his live audiences and coaching clients timely, relevant, effective and foundational tools for their sales and business success.

Steve’s professional experience speaks for itself.  Since 1980, in addition to facilitating thousands of workshops across the country, he has personally:

  • Made more than 250,000 telephone sales and prospecting calls
  • Listened to and analyzed more than 25,000 sales calls
  • Facilitated more than 6,000 one-on-one coaching sessions.

Steve’s mission is creating ideas that InspireEncourage and
Empower salespeople to do their best work.






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