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Fall 2012

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Presidents Message
by Jaford Burgad, LUTCF


My fellow NAIFA-ND members,

 I first would like to tell each of you that I look forward to serving you as your current President. 

I have just returned from the National Convention held in Las Vegas and had the great opportunity to join our other members that attended from our great state of North Dakota and others across the Nation. I, like others, truly enjoyed our time together and I can tell you that it was a privilege to carry the flag, representing North Dakota, and be represented as your State President with the rest of the state presidents. I would wish for each of you to have and share in this experience, so, I'm asking for you to get involved and you too some day will be standing there. I would also like to say it was with great pleasure to see the first timers, (Shari Hanson, Steve Bergee, Don Zerr and Parker Vanderwal) attend the meeting! After visiting with them, it seemed overwhelming that they wanted to come back to another National Conference. It is because of their involvement and commitment that will cultivate and mold our next generation of leaders!! Thank you!

 The conference agenda was truly like one of those Corporate sponsored events put on by your H.O. or broker conferences. It was crammed pack full of great break out sessions and the main platform speakers were exceptional!! (They were motivational, inspirational and Life stories were sad yet the most influential). The expo had a large array of exhibitors for things like making your office more efficient to sales/marketing practices to product/company selection. (National did a great job of bringing value to whomever and whatever your company background might be!)

 The political aspects of the conference were many times heated yet very constructive to the process. It was through this experience that gave me more confidence in the future existence of NAIFA. NAIFA is definitely not a top down organization! We are, as individual members, the organization and that was reinforced during this last conference. Again, wish you all had experienced this!

 Advocacy!! This is a political year and I know, like I, you are all very in tuned with your candidates and their agendas that they wish to pursue so I'm asking again! Be involved! One voice can and does make a difference, I've seen this! Make a contribution if you wish, work on their campaigns if you wish but DO MAKE them ACCOUNTABLE!! IF your political figures win, follow them on their agenda and remind them who they work for!! A foot note: During the National Convention the state of North Dakota delegation had the honors of meeting their 100% goal of IFAPAC contributions. Each of our delegates that attended are 100% PAC contributors!! AWESOME!!  Also, (good to know), NAIFA-PAC, raised over $153,000 dollars!!! WOW!!! VERY NEEDED during such times of turbulent waters!!

Getting to business!

The summer has passed, now work needs to be done!  By now, I know each of your locals have put together an agenda that will help them in providing a platform for which to bridge from member benefits and in doing so will also be laying the ground work for which to recruit new members and asking you for your IFAPAC contributions over the next several months. It is during the next 8 months that one could say will make a year or break it so I'm asking you now, please be involved and dedicated to our cause and let's make it a great year! It needs all membership to create the atmosphere in and around a great association. All of us make a difference, even those with minimal involvement!

 Nancy, thank you for all you do!! You kept me on top of things during the convention and it was greatly appreciated! I so much am looking forward to working with you throughout this fiscal year! I know we will accomplish much!!!  Keith Phillips, thank you for doing a great job as National Committeeman during the convention, your gatherings and leadership/direction was very helpful!  I would like to say thank you to the veterans that attended the convention, (they took the time to be involved).  We had a total of 15 delegates including: Hank Prien, Elaine Fremling, Paul Witthauer, Jim Simons, Lyle Kraft, Gregg Webster, Bonnie Baglien, Todd Otto and Terry Kraft - thank you for being there!!! You all made it a great convention by being there.

 It's time to roll up our sleeves and get involved! The slow time of the year is now behind us, let's see what we can do!! I look forward toward working with you and for you!  Call me!!

 Your President,

Jaford (Jay) D. Burgad
4610 Amber Valley Parkway Suite E
Fargo, ND 58104


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    NAIFA-ND Upcoming Events

Mark you calendars and plan to attend the


NAIFA-ND Legislative Reception on February 4, 2013 (5:30 - 7:30 p.m.) at the Radisson Inn, Bismarck

2013 NAIFA-ND State Convention on May 15-17, 2013 at the Doublewood Inn, Fargo.

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 NAIFA - North Valley
by Shari Hanson, President

NAIFA North Valley began meetings in September.  We had Tom Potter, running for Insurance Commissioner speak at our first meeting.  October 1st we hosted the Insurance Forum.  In September Gregg Webster, Bonnie Baglien and Shari Hanson attended the National Convention in Las Vegas.  Our focus this year it to increase membership and hope to increase attendance at meetings.




NAIFA Ė Missouri Slope
by Pat Saltsman, President

Whether State or Local President, my goal is the same.  Membership!!!

We are strong in large numbers, so we need to invite and recruit fellow agents to join the ONE organization that is their career insurance policy.   I continually am befuddled that every agent out there does not belong.  Do they not want to be in business for themselves next year?  To have the perks that being self employed offer?  So I am asking that every member give a board member a name of someone they know that does not belong to NAIFA, so we can invite them to join. Our goal this year is 115 members, but we need you to make that happen.


Again we have issues before Congress that will have an impact on our industry.  Annuities are coming up again and I will bet that taxing the death benefit of life insurance will be on the table at some point, and health care is a huge issue. So how do we let Congress know where we stand in all of this?  By contacting our representatives in Washington letting them know the impact their decisions have on our clients.


I encourage everyone to attend the local meetings held on the second Monday of every month at the Elks.  Invite those fellow member agents that usually donít attend to join us for the upcoming speakers.

In October, I will be speaking about Long Term Care, the partnership program and the recent bulletin from the Insurance Department.  October will be Kelvin Hullet from the Chamber.  So please join us.


I am looking forward to a great 2012-2013 year but it canít happen without you.

Letís make it a good one!!  Happy Fall.



by Jim Simons, President



We hosted the ND State Legislators from the Minot area to our Summer Picnic on June 8, 2012.  We had 6 legislators and their families attend.  We had a great time getting to know them better.  We took July and August off.  In September, Kim Albert gave a great presentation on Flood Insurance and we had a good discussion on how things are progressing here in Minot.  Thanks again for the contributions made last year for our 13 members who were victims of the flood.  National Committeeman Lyle Kraft and I attended the NAIFA National Convention in Las Vegas this month.  We had a great time meeting new friends and renewing old friendships.  The breakout sessions were very informative.  If you havenít been to a convention in a while, plan on attending the next one in San Antonio, TX next September.  We started the membership year on July 1, 2012 with 38 members.  We wish to welcome new member Marlen Fenton.  One of our members dropped off and then rejoined which brings us to 40 members.  Our goal is 39 members so we are plus 1 at this time.  Letís recruit some more.



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NAIFA - Roughrider
by Todd Otto, National Committee Person

During our last NAIFA-Roughrider meeting we discussed the PURPOSE of having Local Meetings - they seem to have become quite stale and we're looking for ways to address what concerns each of you most.

 During this discussion, we asked those in attendance "What should we be discussing at this meeting that would be important enough for you to leave your Business and attend our meeting?"

 Responses were as follows:

1.  Uses of Social Media - how to, what works, compliance concerns, etc

2.  How do we find/keep/develop employees?

3.  With our local Oil Economy and other related financial windfalls, what are Tax Issues we should be aware of to help ourselves and our customers? (Eide Bailey as presenter?)

4.  With the Fiscal Cliff approaching, what are the potential impact of this on us and our customers?  Can we get Kent Conrad or another prior Congressman to be the presenter?

5.  With the Health Care Affordability Act being implemented, Why should I even be concerned with Health Insurance (major medical) as it seems to be already taken away from us?

6.  Estate Planning (Menaske as presenter)

 I would appreciate your input.  As a Peer and fellow NAIFA Member, please send me your thoughts on WHAT we should be doing LOCALLY that would make it IMPORTANT for you to leave your office and join us for a hour of Personal Inspiration or Development with your PEERS?


.Government Relations
by Norbert Mayer, Chair


The Supreme Court did not declare the Federal Affordable Care Act unconstitutional; therefore it is still with us.  The ND Legislative Interim Health Care Committee crafted a State run Health Care Exchange plan which assured a role for Health Insurance Agents; however the plan was not adopted by the ND Legislature at their November, 2011 session.  As of September 14, 2012 only 14 states have decided to build and run a state Exchange. 


In September the committee finished their work with a final recommendation that the ND benchmark health plan for the ACA be patterned after the Sanford Health HMO plan.  Of the ten plan choices available this was the most basic plan.  Commissioner Hamm followed the recommendation and submitted that plan prior to the October 1st deadline to the US Department of Health and Human Services for review to see if meets their prescribed criteria.  Many questions remain to be answered, so we continue to monitor the ACA.


The Dodd-Frank law created the Federal Insurance Office within the Treasury Department, not as a regulator, but as a monitor to identify perceived gaps in State regulation and to provide a voice in federal and international matters.  Regulation was to be left to the states.  It now appears that this new federal office may be attempting to empower itself beyond what was intended by Dodd-Frank.  It is important that we monitor the FIO if we intend to preserve the state based system of insurance regulation.


For additional information and explanations of the issues presented here please review Commissioner Hammís presentation at the ND Insurance Dept. Forums held the week of October 1st.

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    Hamm reminds North Dakotans of upcoming Medicare Part D annual enrollment

    BISMARCK, N.D.óNorth Dakota Insurance Commissioner Adam Hamm today reminded North Dakotans the annual enrollment period for Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, Oct. 15 through Dec. 7, is coming up.


    ďWe want to make sure all Medicare beneficiaries know this is the time to compare Part D drug plans,Ē Hamm said. ďBeneficiaries used to have until the end of the year, but for the second year in a row, the enrollment period ends Dec. 7. Itís very important to review your plan before that date.Ē


    The Insurance Departmentís State Health Insurance Counseling Program (SHIC) staff is traveling to seven cities around the state during the annual enrollment period, offering free assistance in switching or enrolling in a Medicare prescription drug plan. If you will be attending an event and have been given a yellow drug retrieval card, please bring it to the event for expedited service. Consumers also need to bring a list of their medications, including dosages and frequency.


    Eligible North Dakotans who are unable to attend an annual enrollment event have two other options:

     - Call 2-1-1 by Nov. 21, 2012 from anywhere in ND. Have your medication information ready. The top three
       plan choices will be mailed to beneficiaries.

     - Visit and enter your information in the Plan Finder tool. On the homepage, click the yellow
       button labeled "find health and drug plans."

    • all 2-1-1 by Nov. 21, 2012 from anywhere in North Dakota. Have your medication information ready. The top three plan choices will be mailed to beneficiaries.

    ďItís important to review your drug plan every year,Ē Hamm said. ďCompanies often make changes to the plans they offer and to the drugs they cover. Make sure your plan is still the best one for you.Ē


    For details on the annual enrollment events, call SHIC at 1-888-575-6611 or visit


    by Jim Simons, Chair

    On Thursday August 2, 2012 we had a state wide ALC.  Part of the training was APIC trainings.  We discussed Government Relations, IFAPAC as well as APIC.  Each Local president was shown a sample APIC action plan.  If you donít have it, send me an email at and I will forward you one. Remember each local should have an APIC chair and you should complete an action plan and forward a copy to me as soon as possible.  On August 21, 2012 I participated with other NAIFA-ND leaders and met with Governor Dalrymple.  We presented his IFAPAC contribution check and we were able to let him know more about what NAIFA does for the people of North Dakota.  On August 27, 2012 I participated with other NAIFA-ND leaders and met with Insurance Commissioner Adam Hamm.  We presented him with an IFAPAC check and had a good discussion on the upcoming legislative session.  I also assisted my members in Minot handing out IFAPAC checks to some of our local legislators.  I recently attended the NAIFA Convention in Las Vegas earlier this month.  I am still working on an after action report and hope to have it sent to Nancy soon.  Highlights included meeting with all the state APIC chairs.  We exchanged ideas that are working.  We also heard from the Government Relations Staff on whatís happening on the hill.  IFAPAC raised over $120,000 during the convention.  If you havenít contributed to IFAPAC, see your PAC chair as soon as possible.   Contributions need to be in by the last week on December.  Donít forget that November 6, 2012 is Election Day.  Get out and vote.  After the election, you need to update your APIC Contact forms for our North Dakota Legislators.  Get that info into Nancy by the 1st of December.


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    Professional Development
    by Gregg Webster, Chair

    Professional development is extremely important for the success of NAIFA on a local, state and national level. Many members refer only to their local meetings when they reference NAIFA in conversations.

     Having quality meetings at local events is extremely important. One idea that was presented at the national NAIFA convention with respect to local meetings involved a local professional development chair who utilized information from the LIFE Foundation web site and enlisted many different members to present an idea that they gleaned from perusing the website.

    Numerous members brought in leaflets, videos, e-mails, and other information that is easily accessible and readily utilizable for individual agents.

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    Membership Report
    by Tim Deitemeyer, Chair

    The definition of Apathy is:  Lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.  There are all kinds of reasons as to why NAIFA membership and other association memberships are down recently, our own local NAIFA associations have been seeing this in general, Apathy.
    Leadership, we all have leadership and God-given abilities to be leaders in one form or another!!  It's time, its time for you and me to step up and be leaders!  It's time to erase the Apathy and replace it with the opposite!! 
    The opposite of Apathy would be Passion since it is an abundant presence of concern and emotion!!!
    Lets do it!!  ND is in the news often as being the leader of our great Nation in many areas!!  Lets do that here and lets do it now!!  I challange myself, and challange you to get rid of any apathy and replace it with passion!!  Passion for what we do and the lives we protect and nurture in our own careers!!  Passion for our industry and the lawmakers who we put there to represent us!  Passion for NAIFA, our unified voice!
    Current membership for the State of ND is:  374 (5 years ago, it was double!)


    Current membership so far this NAIFA year, MINOT!  Minot NAIFA Association is up!!  Good job!!


    Passion!!  Lets do it!!  Lets each find at least 1 person to become a NAIFA member, not because it helps out numbers, but because it helps that person and it helps us transform apathy into passion!!!   


    Sincerely, Tim (Burning with Passion for what we do, especially after a nice nap!) Deitemeyer (Membership Chair)

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    NAIFA-North Dakota - 1811 East Thayer Avenue - Bismarck, ND 58501 (701) 258-9525