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Spring 2012

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Presidents Message
by Pat Saltsman, CLTC


What a year!!!  My goal (mantra) was communication and increase membership.  

Communication was met with our monthly President calls.  We were able to share association programs, ideas and problems.  With all the industry issues and Blue Ribbon Task Force idea of restructuring local associations, we had to stay on top of what was going on and I feel the monthly calls gave us the venue to hold discussions.  So thank you to all the Presidents for scheduling time for the calls.  


 Membership......  is an ongoing challenge.  We need to keep stressing the advocacy that NAIFA does for our industry and thus for our careers!!   Teachers have an income cap and almost every teacher belongs to NEA or NDEA.... No matter what their salary is.  We don't have an income cap and yet agents are not joining the ONE organization that is their career insurance.  That is what NAIFA is, our career insurance policy.  We all have hobbies and we don't think twice about spending money for those hobbies (i.e. I just spent $100 for a new pair of biking shoes).  It is a matter of prioritizing and for me, keeping my career has always been #1.  Biking is a possibility because I purchased career insurance.


 Congress is constantly looking at ways to find money and guess where they are looking. Yup.... our insurance products.  Guess who is spending time in Washington fighting to keep Congress out of our business. Yup, NAIFA's national Lobbyists..  Guess where NAIFA gets the money to send them to "the Hill" Yup....  our membership dues....  Yup... NAIFA is our career insurance.  


 If agents don't see value, then they are not going to join or keep their membership.  They need to understand what NAIFA does for them.  You are the conduit for your association.  Go out and spread the word.  If you need a handout or powerpoint, let me know and I will send it to you.


 If your P&C agent is not a NAIFA member, invite them to join or find one that is.  We are supporting their careers but they are not investing in ours....  hrmm


 Grand Forks you had a fantastic convention!!  Who was it that said "I pity the fool....."  Well, I pity the agent who did not attend.  The speakers and format were excellent and spending time with fellow agents was winederful (right Nancy?).  So Kudos to Grand Forks President Shari Hanson and all those who worked on the convention. 


   If agents don't see value, then they are not going to join or keep their membership.


 Thank you for allowing me to serve as your State President.  I enjoyed the time spent working with all the agents.....  


 I wish Jay Burgad, the 2012-2013 President, a wonderful year serving wonderful agents and a great organization.


. Make it a great year!!

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    NAIFA-ND 2012 State Convention

Thank you to the North Valley convention committee for putting on a first class convention!  For those of you who missed it, you missed a lot!

Photo highlights of the convention can be found here (click on photo to view more).
NAIFA-ND 2012 Convention

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 NAIFA - North Valley
by Shari Hanson, President

Grand Forks North Valley held the State Convention the first week of May.  We had Color guard from the Police Department, a drum cadence and a Special Olympics carry their torch to kick off the convention.  We had 13 different speakers that covered life stories, motivation with comedy, ethics, financial, political and what is happening with NAIFA in Washington.  We feel it was a great success.  We will be having a Board meeting in June to approve budget and setup our schedule for the next year.  We also have 3 people going to National Convention.  Our membership has increased and we are looking at a few more joining us this fall.



NAIFA – Missouri Slope
by John Power, President

MSAIFA meets the third Monday of each month at the Bismarck Elks club with lunch beginning @ 11:30am.  We had a variety of good speakers & topics for our meetings this past year.  We struggled a bit this year maintaining membership as we had higher than normal lapses for a variety of reasons but are looking to actively growing the chapter next year.  Congratulations and best of luck to all those who will be chapter officers or board members this coming year.


NAIFA – Minot
by Jim Simons, President

We had a successful quarter.  At our April membership meeting we had a representative from the North Dakota Securities Department talk about investment and regulatory issues.  In May we utilized a NAIFA Program in a box that highlighted Obama Care.  This month is our Annual Picnic where we invite our local legislators.

We are still working on retaining and recruiting new members.  We hope to finish the year a net plus 1. 

National Committeeman Lyle Kraft and I attended the State Convention recently in Grand Forks. 

We are working on plans for our upcoming new year.  Lyle and I have also registered for the National Convention to be held in Las Vegas this September.

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The numbers don’t lie –in order to continue to protect our industry and our livelihood, our collective voice must be strong and NAIFA’s strength lies within our members!

 In just a few short months, our country will elect new political leadership at the national, state and local level. While we don’t know specifically what those elections will bring, we do know this: our industry and the products and services we provide will be under great scrutiny.

 Now is the time to get these messages in front of prospective members and remind lapsed members of NAIFA’s value. As we finish the membership year, please arm yourself with the advocacy data below.

 1. Tax Expenditure numbers shows dollar for dollar what Congress is looking for to offset the deficit - The 75 million American families that rely on life, health, disability income and LTC insurance and qualified retirement plans for financial security have historically  benefited from very favorable federal tax treatment. Increasingly, some members of Congress, the White House, and state legislatures have put forth proposals that would reduce the favorable tax treatment of life  insurance industry products. Here are “our” numbers—just the ones  listed below show that over $2.6 trillion in foregone taxes are attributable to our products –

 Tax Expenditure numbers (2011-2015)—JCT

·Life insurance and annuity inside buildup: $148.3 billion (about $13 billion is COLI; the rest individual)
  • Pensions: $ 78.7 billion/Keogh plans $263.7 billion/DB plans $375.9 billion/DC (includes 401(k)) plans $ 62.4 billion/traditional IRAs $ 24.1 billion/Roth IRAs

  • Employer-paid health/LTC insurance: $725 billion Self-employed health/LTC insurance: $ 26 billion

  • HSAs: $ 8.8 billion

  • Accident and DI insurance: $ 18.6 billion

  • Cafeteria plans: $197.6 billion

  • Group term life insurance: $ 8 billion

  • Capital Gains/Dividends tax rates: $456.6 billion

  • Exclusion of cap gains at death (step up): $230.8 billion

  •  2. Health Care Reform - The health care reform challenge is to bring the estimated 45 million uninsured Americans into the system and to reduce the high cost of health care for everyone. Of course, these two challenges are related and one cannot be solved without tackling the other. NAIFA Health & Employee Benefits has developed principles that would support a practical solution to our health care problems. The plan, utilizing these basic principles, will help lower costs and ensure coverage is available to all citizens—without resorting to new government programs or jeopardizing the high quality of care we enjoy and expect as American consumers.

     NAIFA Accomplished:

     ·         Repeal expanded 1099 reporting (repeal signed into law 4/14/11)

    ·         Repeal “Free Choice Vouchers” program that would have removed some employees from their employer plans (repeal signed into law 4/15/11)

    ·         Repeal the CLASS Act (HHS pulled the plug on implementation 10/14/11, Energy & Commerce Committee vote to repeal 11/29/11 and Ways & Means Committee vote to repeal 1/18/12)


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    by Jim Simons, Chair

    I wish to highlight some of our activities since January 1st of this year.  Jason Middaugh, Jay Burgad, Nancy Buechler and I attended IFAPAC/IFAPIC training in Washington DC this past January.  We heard from our National Government Relations Team and were provided with a packet to take to Capitol Hill.  The four of us met with Senator Conrad as well as staffers from Senator Hoeven and Congressman Berg.  We talked about needing their support in not including agent commissions in the Medical Loss Ratios.  We highlighted that we serve 75 Million American families.  We serve Main Street, not Wall Street.  We also discussed issues with Financial Services Reform. 

     At our recent State Convention we watched a video provided by Congressman Rick Berg and received a letter from Senator Hoeven.

     June 12th is the North Dakota State Primary.  Be sure to get out and vote.  Ask yourself.  How active am I in the political process?  Have I contributed to my favorite candidate?  Have I helped with anyone’s campaign?  Is there a yard sign in my yard now?  Get Involved!!

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