Subject: Thanks for talking

Hi <Name of Prospect>,


It was nice to talk with you this morning.  Hope all is going well with you and your family.


Iíve noted to follow-up with you in May, and thought Iíd mention a couple of additional items that may be of interest to you.


Since you indicated that you will join in May, after your LUTC class, you might want to consider joining just a bit earlier to take advantage of the ND State Convention.  We have a great lineup of speakers this year and the convention will be held right here in Minot on April 30th thru May 2nd.  Itís a good time to get regenerated and to pickup some excellent sales ideas and mingle with other NAIFA members in the state.


To give you an idea of our current lineup of speakers, click on this link: and youíll see some of the speakers currently scheduled.  I donít have the bioís yet of the last couple of speakers, but hopefully later this week Iíll have them updated also.


Hopefully youíll consider membership prior to the convention date so that you can take advantage of the convention.  In addition, if you were to join prior to March 31thh, youíll also be able to take advantage of the early bird registration for the convention and get in on the drawing for the 26Ē HDTV that we are giving away to one of the luck early registrants.


Call me if you want to consider this option, otherwise, Iíll look forward to talking with you in May.