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NAIFA’s membership efforts rely on collective leadership from local membership chairs to state membership chairs to the National Membership Committee and its chair. Members in these positions guide NAIFA at thelocal, state and national level in weaving membership and membership value throughout all association activities.

In planning your membership development strategies and goals, you will want to work closely with your members, committees and board of directors to enlist their support and ensure that membership recruitment and retention is integrated into all of your association activities and efforts.

  1. Review membership status.
  2. Recruit, organize, train, and motivate local committee members.
  3. Evaluate previous membership efforts and assess the association’s membership  needs.
  4. Create a Membership Development Plan for the year or use a currently developed plan
  5. Lead the membership committee in implementing the Membership Development Plan.
  6. Share your Membership Development Plan with your state membership chair along with any challenges and successes throughout the year.
  7. Conduct agency presentations and follow up on leads from the NAIFA–National Industry Relations Program and various related campaigns.
  8. Support your state membership chairs in carrying out their plans and achieving measurable goals including membership recruitment and retention.
  9. Encourage teamwork and link membership development and local programming.
  10. Implement a  “Seven Touches” program in coordination with your state association.
  11. Serve as a membership spokesperson in your local and state associations.
Membership Benchmarks
  • 10% of goal by October, 31
  • 50% of goal by January 31
  • 75% of goal by March 31
  • 100% of goal by June 30
Next Step...
  • Print out the six step planning process (top left column)
  • Review "Timeline of Activities"  (Tailor to fit your associations needs)
  • Tailor example letters to suit current situation and use provided letterhead/envelope
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